Wire Enamels

Electrical motors, generators and transformers function on the basis of electromagnetic induction. The rotational or linear movement of such electrical rotary equipment is caused by electromagnetic fields induced by current flow through copper/aluminum wires and coils, and their mutual repulsion forces.

For a safe and stable operation of such rotary equipment, the copper or aluminum wire is concentrically coated with multiple insulating layers of a so-called wire enamel varnish, prior to the winding process. This wire coat prevents short circuits and other electrical failures potentially resulting in the loss of the electromagnetic fields and machine breakdowns.

Depending on the end-use application, wire enamels provide high thermal resistance, strong mechanical stability, superior flexibility and chemical/moisture resistance, which all supports a long service life of the insulation.

ELANTAS is offering a high-performing range of enamels for the use as magnet wire coatings. Our chemistries include Polyester, THEIC-modified Polyester (PE), Polyesterimide (PEI), Polyamideimide (PAI), Polyimid (PI), Polyamide (PA), Polyurethanes (PU), Polyvinylformal (PVF) and Nylon.

The ELANTAS portfolio comprises enamels especially designed for various wire grades such as copper and aluminum wires, fine wires, medium wires, heavy round wires and shaped wires. We provide solutions for both horizontal and vertical enameling technologies, as well as different coating builds from single layer to multiple layer application. Our product range covers varnishes delivering special requirements such as corona resistance properties, solder ability and oil resistance, among many others. In addition, we guarantee superior compatibility with most impregnation varnishes, in particular, the ELANTAS impregnation varnishes.

Through the global ELANTAS production infrastructure, with eight manufacturing sites across the globe, we stand for the highest quality and most stable supply chains. We offer a broad product portfolio globally fulfilling the international standards of the industries but also provide regional qualities that meet local demands.

Please find more details on the respective ELANTAS Wire Enameling qualities for your region on the page of the related ELANTAS subsidiary.

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