Market specific solutions for the transportation industry

ELANTAS focuses on protecting the electric and electronic components in any mode of personal or public transportation, such as cars, busses, trucks, ships, trains, planes, 2-wheelers or any other device that moves people or goods over distances.

The development of new mobility concepts is progressing fast and disruptively with special focus on higher efficiency, improved flexibility or enhanced reliability. The demands on electric and electronic components in vehicles are increasing when it comes to safety, environmental footprints, cost and performance. In order to meet those strong requirements and expectations it is unavoidable to combine profound engineering expertise with sound material competence. In that respect, ELANTAS is serving as the partner and solution provider for all matters of insulation and protection materials.

ELANTAS resins, varnishes, compounds and films can be found in most electrical devices of the transportation industry such as motors, switches, relays, ignition coils, lighting, power electronic devices, PCBs and batteries among others. Our products make electrical and electronic components safe, reliable, efficient and long-lasting, delivering

  • Superior electrical protection
  • High thermal endurance
  • Strong mechanical strength
  • Good chemicals resistance
  • Efficient thermal conductivity
  • Enhanced bonding
  • Excellent compatibility

ELANTAS competence in the protection of electrical and electronic parts in the transportation industry can be accessed globally. We are glad to serve you with 13 application centers worldwide offering dedicated insulation solutions for the latest technology trends—especially, but not limited to, the fast growing segment of E-Mobility.

Please find more details about our offerings in the specific product segments or contact our local representatives.

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