Impregnating Materials

Electrical machines are an integral part of our modern life. For reliable operation of those devices superior insulation material performance is essential. The trend towards smaller and more efficient motors, generators and transformers especially requires premium protection against dielectric break down, thermal stress and mechanical impact.

ELANTAS is offering a wide range of chemistries related to impregnation materials such as unsaturated Polyesters/Polyersterimides (styrene, vinyltoluene or acrylate based), alkyd resins and epoxy resins. With respect to sustainability and safety, we offer solvent-less and monomer-free technologies for each chemistry of our standard product portfolio.

ELANTAS is furthermore providing solutions for all impregnation application techniques. Our portfolio comprises products designed for dip, hot dip and roll dip application, trickle, vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI), spray and manual application technologies. Standard curing conditions for ELANTAS impregnation varnishes are typically heat cure, radiation or air-drying.

In particular, ELANTAS is offering special impregnation solurecent motor/generator designs. Qualified impregnation Resin-Gelcoat combination for Hair-pin motors or impregnation Resin-Mica Tape packagestions in the areas of High Voltage machines and E-Mobility traction motors. In both areas, we provide certified, sustainable solutions for the most are part of our system approach.

Through the global ELANTAS production and support infrastructure for impregnation resins with six dedicated sites across the globe, we guarantee the highest quality, stable supply chains and technical assistance. We offer a broad product portfolio globally fulfilling the international standards of the industries but also provide regional qualities that meet local demands.

Please find more details on the respective ELANTAS Impregnating Materials qualities for your region on the page of the related ELANTAS subsidiary.

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